Diapering Decisions is a home based cloth diaper business that began over TWENTY years ago when I was expecting my first child. It all started when I decided to order a select sampling of cloth diapers enabling me to make an informed cloth diaper choice. After all, cloth diapers are a long-term investment.

I realized I was about to embark on over 6,700 diaper changes in the next two years for this child and I hoped for a future sibling to follow. I wanted a diaper that was simple to use (no fiddling), quality constructed (last for two children after being washed repeatedly), and reasonably priced. After investigating over 75 different cloth diapers, I realized that there must be other parents that desire to make an informed choice and use the “best” cloth diapers. Thus Diapering Decisions was conceived.

The size of the diaper is important to young babies both for their comfort and to contain loose bowel movements. Elasticized or gathered legs and waist on a fitted diaper can reduce leakage. Finding the right fitting diaper can pose a challenge. The diaper must be absorbent. Some babies are heavy wetters others are light and this can vary as the seasons change and stages occur. Teething and summer heat increases the amount of liquid intake which in turn requires increased absorbency. An excellent diaper cover must be used. You may have the best diapers in the world but if your covers are ineffective, you will be frustrated!!

While offering a wide range of diapers and covers to clients in my region, I have narrowed the field for my Internet customers and am offering only the most popular and best performers. In order to be satisfied with the performance of cloth diapers you require a quality cover. They must provide a comfortable fit for your baby, be easy to use and most importantly, DO NOT LEAK! I have personally tried over 25 different diaper covers and only a very select few performed to my expectations. Diapering Decisions has excellent cover choices. These ones work! Avoid the frustration of inexpensive covers that become brittle, crack and need to be repeatedly replaced. These covers are exceptional!

The opinions expressed are based on follow up feedback from my clients of twenty years and my own cloth diaper hands on experience after 2 children a boy and a girl both heavy wetters.



After evaluating more than 75 cloth diaper designs and 25 covers, DIAPERING DECISIONS offers only the best performers to our valued customers. What our clients have written about US:
“Hi there, I recently purchased some supplies from your company and thought I would let you know how happy I am with your diaper wraps. I had no idea that cloth diapers could be so easy (and fun to shop for) and am really impressed with how well the wraps work. All the best, Heidi Granville”

“I just wanted to let you know that I have been using your cloth diapers now for a year and am very happy with them. I tried both styles and I prefer the velcro because it is easier to adjust. You wouldn’t believe the looks I get when people see that I am using cloth diapers it’s great. I let people know how nice they are when ever I get the chance. Thank you, Roxanne”

“By the way, my son is using the cloth diapers that I bought from you for my daughter almost 5 years ago – and they are still as good as new! We are very pleased with them. Thanks, Jill Howlett”

“Hi Candace, I just wanted to say thank you for these wonderful cloth diapers. I really love them. I am using them on both my four month old and my 2 1/2 year old. I wish I would have been smarter and done more research before my 2 1/2 year old. I work for a chiropractor and we have seminars for our patients every few months. One of the seminars we do is on children. I have talked to the doctor (my boss), about including the diapers in the seminar and he thought it would be a great idea. I want to share what I have learned about diapers with others and promote the use of cloth diapers again. I still have the information that you sent me that I will be displaying with the diapers. Thanks again so much. These are the greatest diapers!!!!! Sincerely, Jenel Brugger”

“Hello Candace, I must tell you that I am thrilled with the diapers. They are really holding up, and with the liners we have been able to prevent staining. Diana Michelle Grusczynski Rna South America”

“Hey there! This is Kim Underwood. I bought one size fits all diapers from you almost three years ago for my son Jacob. We have loved your product and 7 months ago we had twin girls and I bought another three dozen from a friend who was done with her diapers. Yes, I have three in cloth diapers so if anyone ever wants to know if it can be done have them call me. Sincerely, Kim Underwood”

“Hi Candace…well, you were right! I LOVE using cloth diapers. They are wonderful and my little one has never had to use diaper rash ointment. We had a sweet little girl on April 11th named Noelle. She is the light of our lives and a joy. And contrary to cloth diaper myths….she has been sleeping through the night for weeks. I’ve convinced another girlfriend to use your diapers and have passed on the info. She spent a couple of days at my place and couldn’t believe how easy they were and how wonderful Noelle’s skin looked. She’s traveling the next couple of weeks but you should be hearing from her soon. Hope you are enjoying your summer. Louise”

“Hi Candace, Our daughter is now 10mths old, and we have really been impressed with the quality/performance of her diapers. We have quite the ‘system’ down pat now and using cloth has not been a big deal what so ever. (just wanted to let you know that we’ve been really happy with our decision to go with your product) On that note…the reason I’m writing is to order some diaper covers: 1 white, 1 primary print, 1 pastel, all 3 in size small (they’re for my sister in law). Thanks, Kris Marchetti (Hespeler)”